How to Grow Your Hair Out Faster

How to Grow Your Hair Out Faster


A couple years ago, I got so frustrated because I wanted my hair to grow so bad but realized it just stayed at one length. I started making small changes that I didn’t think would make a difference, however, those changes really began to work and my hair has grown so much longer and healthier. Here are my 5 tips for growing your hair out faster…

  1. Drink more water. Water is so important for our bodies to have for so many different reasons but it also contributes to our hair growth. The more water you drink, the faster your hair will grow and the stronger it will feel.
  2. Take your vitamins. Vitamins will help to grow and thicken your hair very quickly. You have probably noticed how pregnant women’s hair grows really fast and that is because they take vitamins every day.
  3. Don’t wash your hair every day. This might be hard for some girls with thin hair but it is best not to do it because the more you wash it, the more it prevents your natural oils from allowing your hair to grow and become strong.
  4. Avoid putting heat on your hair every day. I normally curl my hair after I wash and dry it and then leave it alone for the next day or two. I will either put it half way up, in a bun, or leave it down depending on how good my curls last. Avoiding heat every day will prevent your hair from becoming brittle.
  5. Be patient. This was the hardest lesson for me to learn when I felt like my hair wasn’t growing. I was very envious of those girls with long hair, that could do anything to it and it looked good. If you are struggling with growing out your hair or just need some encouragement, try some of these tips and I think you will see some great results.

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  1. Excellent advice Hannah and if I could add one more. I find in the vitamin catagory if you take Biotin everyday it will make all the difference. My hair grows like crazy now that I take it! Works wonders! BTW Llove your blog!


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