All About My Wedding Day

All About My Wedding Day

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I wanted to dedicate a blog post to how I felt about my wedding day, such as what I liked and things I would have done differently. Even though there are things I would change, I still had the most perfect day and couldn’t believe how much fun I had. I will remember this day forever, but for now, here are the things I absolutely loved:

What I loved:

  • Photographer- Kayla Sevcech Photography is absolutely amazing. She coordinated all our pictures, made sure we got all the shots we needed, and was extremely flexible with anything we wanted to do. Daniel and I are both camera shy; however, she helped us with poses and made sure the pictures were perfect. Daniel and I are blown away at her work and are so happy we chose her. Also, my uncle who has Eddie Hade Photography, took so many amazing pictures as well. He captured the beautiful background in our pictures and also the people’s faces as they were walking down the aisle. I absolutely love his pictures as well and am very grateful I was able to have them both there.
  • My bridal party and everyone who helped with makeup, hair, etc.- I was so blessed to have my family and friends help me with touch ups, getting my dress on, and making sure I had everything I needed on that special day. They will never know how much I truly appreciate and love them.
  • Bridesmaid Dresses- I cannot rave enough about Lulu’s and how easy they made it to get the bridesmaids dresses. I originally wanted to go with a light blue color for the dresses but could not find anything I liked in that color; therefore, I found some gorgeous burgundy dresses on their site. I waited a little too long to get the dresses; however, Lulu’s came through and shipped the dresses so quickly. I would definitely recommend using them if you need fast shipping.
  • Venue- Our venue was called Summit Farm Weddings and I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to get married. The view was breathtaking and was exactly what I wanted with a casual barn for the reception. Everything was set up so beautifully and we were surrounded by the people we loved.
  • Dj- If you live in the North Georgia area, definitely check out Dustin Cheek and the Backwoodz Boys. They are amazing, very affordable, professional and reliable. I cannot recommend them enough!

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What I would do differently:

  • If I could go back, I would definitely have a coordinator for every little thing. We did have a coordinator for the ceremony; however, having one for every little moment would have been extremely helpful. There are so many little things that nobody tells you like who’s going to cut the cake or who is going to tell everyone when to come together. It can be super overwhelming; however, having someone that can coordinate all of it is very helpful.
  • The second thing I would change is to have fun with the planning and ASK FOR HELP! I tried to do everything myself and it just wasn’t working the way I had hoped it would. Seriously, do not be afraid to ask someone for help. I was too afraid to do that and I ended up making mistakes. I was also so stressed out about planning everything and making it perfect that I forgot what it was truly about. Don’t get so caught up in the planning that you forget why you are doing it. Remember that this is going to be the best day of your life and just because you don’t have everything perfect, doesn’t mean your day will be ruined.
  • The third thing I would change is the way I had my hair done. I absolutely loved everything about it for the first hour; however, when I walked outside and arrived at the venue, my hair wasn’t even curled anymore (totally my fault). Curling irons don’t work on my hair and of course I still tried to use one that day because I thought the curls would look better (terrible idea). The humidity was so bad that day that my hair would not cooperate and anyone that knows me knows I have to have my hair perfectly curled 95% of the time. My hair wasn’t as voluminous as I wanted it and it just didn’t look right to me; therefore, I had to recurl it myself. My advice to anyone that wants to do anything out of the ordinary is to NOT do it! Whatever hairstyle you want, definitely try it out a few times before you make your decision.
  • The last thing I would change is to have a sit-down dinner. We did provide food; however, we only went with finger foods. Also, if anyone knows my Chick- Fil-A addiction, you would know we had their chicken nuggets as well. I loved the food; however, I think it would have been a bit more elegant with an actual dinner.

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Before Wedding Day

  • Book your venue at least a year in advance, if you can.
  • Work with a coordinator for every little detail of your wedding.
  • Remember your photographer is EVERYTHING! Definitely choose a good one for your wedding day. You won’t regret it.
  • Read reviews on everything, such as photographers, hair and makeup artists, dj’s, etc. Definitely ask around and see which ones most people prefer. This definitely helped me choose who to work with for my wedding.
  • Be open to change. You may not get everything you want for your wedding, but it always works out.
  • Make a checklist of everything you need the day of your wedding and double check it! Keep all of it together so you don’t forget anything.
  • Sleep as much as you can the night before! You will feel so much more refreshed the day of your wedding.

Tips for wedding day

  • Don’t have high expectations for your wedding day. Definitely go with the flow. It came a downpour a couple hours before my wedding and the ceremony was supposed to be outside; however, God just cooled it off a little before the ceremony. We had amazing weather for the ceremony and the rest of the evening.
  • Allot enough time to get ready and take pictures. I suggest having a coordinator keep you on track. Luckily, our photographer Kayla Sevcech coordinated our pictures for the day and kept us on track, even when we didn’t completely stick to the schedule. It took a lot of stress off of us and allowed us to enjoy the day.
  • Have enough snacks and drinks while you are getting ready. Luckily, a family member brought us snacks that day and kept me from being “hangry” during the ceremony.
  • Enjoy every moment because it goes by way too fast.

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All in all, it was the best day of my life and I am forever grateful that God gave me Daniel. I can’t imagine my life without him and I grow to love him more every day.




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